Half-Life: NightWatch


Development Diary Update
Posted by Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon on Friday 21st March at 10:42
We have a new Dev Diary today courtesy of Mohammad "BadMofo" Alavi, Nightwatch level designer. He recently attended the GDC and this week's dev diary is a quick glimpse at his experience there.

EDIT: Had some issues with the Hive Mind games link due to a character copying issue from Word. Link is fixed.

Stuff, Stuff, and Stuff.
Posted by Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon on Friday 14th March at 00:35
Quite a few things for you this fine... Well, I guess it's technically Friday by about 6 minutes now... First, we've got a new Development Diary, the first by Matt "Chalupamonk" Michelson. Be sure to give it a read.

I'd also like to remind the talented freelance types out there of our current job openings, particularly in the field of NPC and Player modeling. This spot is rather critical to the on-time completion of Nightwatch, so if you think you've got the skills to fill this or any other position, take a look at our current job descriptions.

Finally, we have a small media update for you today. Our weapon media section has been updated with a pair of renders each of the PDW and Spas-12 models. Both models were modeled by def_one and skinned by X-Convict. Here's a peek at one render of each:

Our level media section also has a minor update today, two shots from Ekaj's segment of Chapter 6. The shots are of the interior of a run-down security base on the outskirts of Black Mesa, and I must say they remind me of a somewhat darker Lambda Bunker feel.

Additionally, we have another update to the Story section which you may want to read to get a bit of background on the Black Mesa Security Forces.

In other news, I am officially free for spring break in 13 1/2 hours. Or should I call it... Nightwatch break...?

Level Design Week @ HL Italia
Posted by Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon on Monday 10th March at 09:29
Half-Life Italia has just posted the fifth and newest interview in their feature, Level Design Week. The newest interviewee is none other than Nightwatch level designer Nelson "manah" Ferryman.

Be sure to check out the remaining 3 interviews with other Nightwatch level designers in the next few days. BadMofo, Ken Banks, and I round out the final level designers featured. The interviews were conducted some time ago (right around Christmas, before manah even joined the team), but there should still be some various tidbits of interesting info.

I also recommend checking out the first 4 interviews as well, featuring Dave Johnston, Blazeer, Narby, and Crinity.

New Development Diary
Posted by Ryan "Professional Victim" Desgroseilliers on Friday 7th March at 15:55
Yep, this week's edition of the Dev Diary is up, as promised. This instance was written, directed, produced, and edited by yours truly, and deals with the topic of weapon balancing and the complications and difficulties arising from it. So go read it.

Media, Anyone?
Posted by Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon on Friday 28th February at 01:51
I have a confession to make.

Some of you may not have noticed, but we haven't posted any new media since our December site launch here at hl-nightwatch.net. Note that as of now, that is no longer the case.

There's a total of 17 new Mobile Canada Casino games available for your viewing pleasure today. Two are some various level concept sketches, two show our first public weapon model, and thirteen showcase new areas throughout all of Nightwatch's first six chapters. Six to eight other level media shots should be making their rounds around the internet later today.

First we have our first tidbit of model media in the standard USP 9mm pistol that will be the standard sidearm of Black Mesa Security forces. The model is by def_one, and the skin was started by Jason Holtslander and finished by our newest team member, X-Convict, after Jason was forced to leave our team due to a series of real-life conflicts.

Our level media section now contains shots from six of Nightwatch's ten chapters and shots from seven of eight level designers. New shots are courtesy of WhoMe, tommyd, ken20banks, Ekaj, BadMofo, Ferret, and myself. Most notably are the Chapter 3 comms facility shots by tommyd, our most recent addition to the level design team. Tom joined us less than two weeks ago today and has already produced some fantastic work:

I'd also like to remind everyone of our expanded job openings listed in the Join section of the site. We currently have openings available for NPC/Player modelers, NPC/Player skinners, NPC/Player animators, Concept Artists, and Texture Artists. Further descriptions are available here.

Be sure to check the Level, Weapon, and Concept media galleries for all the available screenshots and images. Keep an eye on your favorite HL news sites for some addiional screenshots. As always, drop by the forums or our IRC channel if you have any comments or questions on the new media content or anything else Nightwatch-related. Also, expect more models next update. Keep coming back - this is still just the beginning...

Note: There will be no development diary this week due to the media blitz; one will be posted next Friday as per the usual routine.