Half-Life: NightWatch


The following positions are current as of Feb. 28th, 2003. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please e-mail [email protected]. We typically receive quite a few responses and don't always have time to respond to every inquiry - please don't take offense to this!

NPC/Player Modeler
Nightwatch is looking for two character (NPC) modelers to accelerate development in that area after some team members had to leave the mod for personal reasons. Prior experience is a definite plus, as is any additional experience with animating, skinning, or weapons modeling. Apply here.

Concept Artist
Nightwatch is looking for a dedicated concept artist to draw production concept artwork for character models and environments. Prior experience with mod work preferable, but not necessary. A sample of earlier artwork in JPEG form or a link to such artwork should be included with the application. Apply here.

NPC/Player Skin Artist
Nightwatch requires one or two skin artists to aid in creating the final appearance of our new non-player character models. Prior mod experience preferred, but not necessary. Additional experience with weapon skinning is a bonus. Please provide a link to a sample of earlier skinning work. Apply here.

NPC/Player Animator
Nightwatch requires one or two animators to aid in base animation for new non-player character models as well as unique scripted animations which will be laid down by the level design staff. Prior mod experience preferred, but not necessary. Animation examples may either be sent as .mdl files or in relevant media files (.avi, .mpg, .mov, etc). Apply here.

Texture Artist
Nightwatch requires one or two texture artists to aid in the creation of texture sets for our heavily re-invented Xen style as well as undisclosed new areas which will make appearances in the final 4 chapters. Examples should either be sent in .jpg collages or in .wad format. Organic and technological skills preferred - must also be able to blend into a pre-defined style, but the ability to artistically define a new style is equally important. Apply here.