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Added March 2003

From: Security Automailer <internal:[email protected]>
To: Dr. Robert Burkes <internal:[email protected]>
Message-ID: BMRF 93.3810
Security: Default
Subject: Briefing - Black Mesa Security: Part I

Welcome to to the Black Mesa Research Facility! This briefing is intended to familiarize you with all the basic security protocols and services that you will see during your employment at this facility. It has been sent to you automatically as a result of your account activation; if you have already passed a Security Procedures Introductory Course you may safely discard this document.



The Black Mesa Security Force is comprised of two main sections: Military Security and Civilian Security. Each branch of the Security Force has different operating procedures, a different general function, and a different placement within the facility. A brief description of each branch is provided below for your convenience.

The primary function of the Military Security branch is to guard the base perimeter and prevent any unauthorized persons from entering the grounds. They are additionally charged with the security of most transportation checkpoints and some of the more high-risk and/or classified areas of the facility. They also respond to incidents where Civilian Security would be otherwise unable to contain the security breach. If you arrived at the facility via ground convoy, these are the people you probably saw at the gate when you first entered. Military Security personnel can be easily distinguished by their bullet-proof vests and generally heavier armament.

The Civilian Security branch maintains security within most of the facility itself and is primarily charged with enforcing security regulations -- preventing personnel from entering high-security areas without clearance, ensuring safety procedures are properly followed in laboratories, and preventing potential corporate espionage. You will probably see many of them during the course of your work at the facility, and will quickly grow accustomed to their presence. Black Mesa Civilian Security personnel can be distinguished by their blue uniforms and ID cards.


Two additional messages will be sent to you within 24 hours, containing the second and third parts of this briefing (covering basic security protocols and non-security emergency services respectively).

Security Directorate
Black Mesa Research Facility

"Security is everyone's responsibility."

Added March 2003

From: Administrator <[email protected]/bases.bmrf.management>
To: Dr. Arthur Jones <[email protected]/agencies.nrc.inspection>
Message-ID: BMRF 93.3814
Requested-Security: Department of Defense (Revised Cyan Book)
Subject: Re: Lambda Reactor

> From: Dr. Arthur Jones <[email protected]/agencies.nrc.inspection>
> To: Administrator <[email protected]/bases.bmrf.management>
> Message-ID: NRC 1920.4455
> Security: Department of Defense (Revised Cyan Book)
> Subject: Lambda Reactor
> I'm pleased to say that the Lambda Reactor Complex has once
> again passed the bi-annual inspection with flying colors. I
> must congratulate you on your exceptional safety record and
> quick, decisive response to the few incidents that did
> occur.
> I would like to know why Mr. Victors was denied access to
> the upper Level A area of the reactor, though -- I know
> that Black Mesa isn't exactly a public tourist attraction,
> but what could be so important that you'd jeopardize your
> inspection rating?

Mr. Victors was not denied access to the tip of the reactor for security reasons; there was an unfortunate accident during routine reactor maintenance resulting in a spill of hazardous chemicals. There was no damage to the reactor itself, it was simply dangerous for people to enter the area without respirators. If Mr. Victors would care to return to the facility after we have completed a clean-up, I'm sure he will be more than satisfied with our reactor safety precautions. Black Mesa is a safe, clean, hazard-free working environment.

Added December 2002

From: Administrator <[email protected]/bases.bmrf.management>
To: Encrypted Recipient Address <a23c80b93ca53af0>
Message-ID: BMRF 93.3847
Requested-Security: 65536 bit polymorphic single-use encryption key #4857384


It has come to my attention that a group of individuals apparently known to the military as part of the 'Black Operations' corps (but unreferenced in any military documentation available) has been covertly making use of the experimental teleportation technology we have recently developed here at Black Mesa. As you know, policy 37X forbids use of this technology by any nation or group until testing is complete and certain social conditions have been met; this has created a situation I am very uncomfortable with, especially in light of the recent threats to planetary security from the 'Race X' aliens, whom I am sure will immediately proceed to exploit any vulnerability that presents itself.

After a thorough examination of instrument readings taken over the past three months, I have determined that no less than two hundred and fifteen unauthorized teleportations have occurred from the Lambda Teleportation Unit. These have varied in size from around two hundred pounds (most likely one adult male) to over fifteen tons. They have apparently also made contact with the border world wildlife and the alien civilization under the command of the Nihilanth entity. While the exact nature of these encounters is unknown, contact with the Nihilanth group has abruptly ceased, leading me to believe that the contact has made a definite negative impression about Terrans on these aliens. As you know, the greater part of the native Xen alien population (such as the crab-like and squid-like creatures) is not capable of communication, and its member species have repeatedly proven themselves to be hostile to all humanoid life.

I have also found numerous irregularities with the staffing reports from Black Mesa Weapons Research (BMWR), as well as numerous indications of additional teleportation from that facility, which troubles me greatly. Although we are working on measures to deal with a Resonance Cascade (RC) scenario here at Black Mesa (we currently have a working suppression system on the primary teleportation unit and may include one in the future for the antimass spectrometer in the Anomalous Materials laboratory due to its mechanical similarity to the teleportation technology), there are no such measures in place at the Weapons Research facility and any such cascade would be disastrous.

I believe these forces to be closely related to the rival organization we are all too familiar with. If this is the case, it would be most unfortunate if whatever experiments they are conducting were to succeed. I therefore request your approval for the observation and possible subtle assistance (in the unlikely event of a serious breach of security at the facility) of the following individuals predicted to have an extremely high likelihood of survival:

- Freeman, Dr. Gordon (Research Associate, Anomalous Materials Laboratory)
- Shephard, Cpl. Adrian D. (Special Forces, United States Marine Corps)
- Bennett, Dr. Walter A. (Research Associate, Biochemistry & Bioengineering)
- Archer, Sgt. William (Military Security, Sector C)
- Coomer, Agent John P. (Coordinator, Tactical Operations Center)
- Calhoun, Barney L. (Security, Pending Assignment)

Additionally, I would be most appreciative of any additional agents that may be dispatched to this facility. As the Administrator of the facility, I am constrained to observe arbitrary regulations imposed by the government of the United States and may not be able to secure the facility to the degree required to ensure its safety should our rivals provide the 'Black Ops' with Level 7 government security clearance, which I am sure they can effortlessly obtain through their contacts within the government security infrastructure.


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