Half-Life: NightWatch

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Mohammad "BadMofo" Alavi

Website (https://www.badmofo.wadasia.com/)

BadMofo is the mac-daddy and the daddy-mac. When He's not busy pimpin' dem' hos, he's busy with all kinds of shizzy up in his nizzy. He (much like the ninja) enjoys flipping out and being a bad ass. His experience in being a bad ass encompasses 13 years of Tae Kwon Do training. When he's not flipping out like a ninja or pimpin' dem' hos, Mofo spends his quite time drawing and being a computer geek. The duties of computer geekdom include mapping, texture editing, coding, html design, smack talkin on IM, and flipping out like a virtual ninja in some online gaming. So "seriously," you ask,"what's the real BadMofo like?" Well alright, this 22 year old stud just graduated from VA Tech with a degree in Biology with Honors. After some life changes, he skipped Med School and went into Game Design at FullSail University. When he's not spending time with his girlfriend and crew, he is indeed busy being a bad ass / computer geek.